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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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11/27 [14:55-15:45]

One Day PASS(11/27) Full Conference PASS

CK4 Owned Media and Branding

As a result of owning owned media itself became purpose for many companies,there we can see not a few cases that cannot fulfill accountability for ROI.
In the first place, what is the purpose of owning owned media for brands?
Rethinking from the purpose, the form of owned media that we should design may not be just website as a collection of so-called article-type content.
We also need to think about designing beyond online, which means including real channel.
In this session, we will redefine the concept of owned media, taking in various perspectives from brands, content, social media, and platforms to deepen discussions on what to do in the future.


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