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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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11/28 [15:50-16:40]

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TB10 Diversity Needed in Advertisement Expressions

Recently, language related to race, gender, age, and other types of diversity is frequently used. In advertising, too, as audiences become more diverse, many advertising firms face backlash for repeatedly sending out one-sided messages.

Against this backdrop, the concept of inclusion serves as a foundation in promoting diversity in the language we use as advertisers. In our ad creatives, too, it is crucial we convey a clear message that people across diverse backgrounds are accepted “for who they are.”

Furthermore, what is really needed now is for advertisers to have more diversity in who makes the decisions — without diversity represented in our final decision makers, significant errors in judgment are more likely to be made.

In this session, we discuss in detail these two factors that are so indispensable to us if we are to create ads using language that adequately and accurately reflects the diversity of our audiences.


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