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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Kazumasa Tomita 3
ZUU Co., Ltd.

Born in Kanagawa. Started a social networking company while still studying at Hitotsubashi University. Upon graduation in 2006, joined the business expansion department at Nomura Securities. Won the top sales executive award within two years (2008&2009) and was also the youngest honoree in Nomura history. After joining the private banking department for the ultra-wealthy clients as the youngest staff, moved to Singapore and Thailand a year later. Was in charge of asset management consultancy for ultra-high net worth individuals whose assets equated to ¥ 10 billion. In March 2013, resigned from Nomura Securities and started running ZUU Co. Ltd until now


Sat, 28th Nov 15:50-10:05

[CK11] How Media Makes Money when Digital and Media Integrates (65min)


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