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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Mika Kurahashi 2
PENCIL Co., Ltd.

Ever since Mika joined PENCIL in 2003, she has led a wide range of eCommerce website projects with her market-oriented approach. In order to make improvements based on suppositions and verifications, she took the initiative of creating an in-house website analysis tool “Smart Cheetah”. In 2014, Mika started a cross-border eCommerce project in Taiwan and she is expanding the services into the Asian market including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore. In addition to her appointment to President/COO in 2016, she established overseas affiliates including Taiwan Pencil Ltd and Digital Marketing Think Tank Pte Ltd in Singapore, leading PENCIL Group’s web consulting services inside and outside the country. Serving as a board member herself, Mika has spoken at numerous seminars and conferences including ad:tech Tokyo/Kansai/Kyushu.


Sat, 28th Nov 11:30-12:20

[ST1] Secrets of D2C Companies


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