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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Saya Kawada New
Dentsu Digital Inc.
Solution Produce & solution producer

In 2016, entered to Dentsu, Creative Direction Div.2 as a new graduates.

Took a part of creating Ads such as Newspaper Ads, TVCM, and Promoting campaigns, mainly as a copywriter and CM planner.

In July 2018, assigned to ADVANCED CREATIVE CENTER in Dentsu Digital and planning full funnel creative.

Furthermore, also holding post of Solution Produce Group in ADVANCED CREATIVE CENTER and working as solution producer other than copywriter and CM planner.

In charged of development and operation of the solutions such as “DD IG SUMMIT” and more.


Sat, 28th Nov 14:45-15:35

[CK10] Future of Content Making by U30


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