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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Hiroko Nomiya New

Joined Dentsu Digital in 2016. We are good at team building that realizes cross-sectional strategy formulation and measures that make use of the experience of sales, pro management and planners in the present situation where digitization has advanced and expertise and means are diversifying and division of measures and it tends to fall into individual optimization. Do.

After having experience in sales and SP, experienced PM and planner in the direct marketing field at a specialized agency (call center business organization). Not only in advertising but also in charge of direct areas in collaboration with call centers and owned media.

Engaged as a producer across on-off, acquisition-retention.

Pursue realistic evolution by examining the theory on the spot and constructing the theory from the spot.


Fri, 27th Nov 14:55-15:45

[PD3] How to Make Money other than Advertising


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