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November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Iwona Bancerek new
My Little Box
International Growth Hacking Director

International Growth Hacking Director based in Japan.
In charge of growth hacking, customer acquisition, marketing and communications.

Joined at the start up stage and significantly grew Japan business line 'My Little Box' to become, within two years, second biggest business globally for My Little Paris group by creating a positive buzz around the product, non-transactional relationships with influencers (over 500 Japanese influencers), variety of media exchanges, and repositioning the product in line with latest global trends to become a 'love brand' - i.e. on average each month's product launch would receive over 2000 generic instagram posts by our customers with many editions being sold out within two weeks.

Art directing and organizing on average 6 big events for influencers a year in collaboration with partner's brands using global best practices.
Created and executed new strategy and visuals using global trends, including minorities for digital ads and lowered CPA by 70% compared to past digital agencies results.

Also in 2016 launched from scratch My Little Box e-commerce line in Berlin, Germany, outperforming targets in the first year of operations.

In parallel running luxury travel blog with over 50,000 followers on instagram @toteone and recently co-written a book about 30 best experiences in Tokyo published in French, English, Italian and Spanish across Europe and US.

Graduated from HEC, Paris and spent several years in academia at INSEAD and Wharton MBA programs focusing on research on high tech business models. In Japan was a part of faculty of Hitotsubashi ICS.


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