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2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Momoko Kyukawa New
NewsPicks, Inc.
NewsPicks Brand Design Chief Producer

Momoko Kyukawa is a chief contents producer of brand advertisement contents in NewsPicks. In 2015, Momoko joined in the early days of NewsPicks, a social media that specializes in economic news,as a starting member of the brand advertising business. The the team specializes in nurturing medium- and long-term brands with NewsPicks in a way that sets it apart from conventional web digital advertising that aims only for acquisition. Momoko has over 13 years experience as a journalist and an editor at Nikkei BP, and using the experience Momoko has produced high-quality brand advertisement contents while incorporating the intentions of advertisers.

Momoko previously was an editor-in-chief of “ecomom”, a magazine for ethical mothers for 8 years and was a journalist of ”Nikkei Business”, one of the biggest business weekly magazines in Japan, for 7 years,

Momoko received her bachelor in economics from Hitotsubashi University, Japan.


Fri, 27th Nov 14:55-15:45

[CK4] Owned Media and Branding


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