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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Satoru Yamamoto New
Data Artist Inc

Satoru Yamamoto is the CEO of Data Artist Inc, based in Tokyo, Japan.

He directed the development of the CRO tool 'DLPO' used by over 700 corporations in Japan, and various marketing systems leveraging AI technology and Big Data. Some examples is a TV viewer ratings forecasting system and an automatic ad banner generation system. Data Artist recently established a subsidiary in Mongolia in order to support and strengthen their AI development activities in Japan and overseas.

Mr Yamamoto is a visiting researcher at Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI) and known from TV appearances in
news programs such as 'World Business Satellite', 'NHK World' and others. He is the author of two books entitled
'How To Create A Sales Generating Logic' and 'AI and Big Data Marketing'.

Mr Yamamoto specialized in Artificial Intelligence under the distinguished professor Yutaka Matsuo at
The University of Tokyo.


Fri, 27th Nov 14:55-15:45

[DM3] How Marketers Need to Manipulate AI


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