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November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Masanori Saito new
Aeon Forest Co., Ltd.
web director

In 2007, he joined a specialized trading company handling packaging supplies, store accessories, Keio supplies, office supplies, etc. as a sales representative.
In 2010, with the launch of its own EC site, he became involved in EC management. After that, we will launch a mall store, launch various services such as official SNS and LINE @, and lead the introduction of an order management system. Responsible for a wide range of operations required for EC management, from product introduction negotiations to order acceptance, shipping operations, and advertising operations. Achieved double-digit growth for 7 consecutive years since launch and retired.
After that, he experienced web director at EC package vendor and engaged in operation support for multiple clients.
Incumbent from 2018. At Aeon Forest Co., Ltd. (The Body Shop), he is widely involved in digital field such as mall operation, omni channel promotion, in-house site / app development.


Thu, 28th Nov

[NE1] Reinventions of CX from Retail Tech