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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Hiroshi Nakagawa 2
Hakuhodo Inc.
Chief of Hakuhodo Institute of Activation Design

I worked initially in the Sales Promotion department, having accumulated a lot of experience in CRM, digital, knowledge business. I’m mainly involved in updating and operating IMC with digital, to commit KGI of purchasing. I’ve been also involved in many projects of not only campaign-style communication but project-style business; e.g. the construction project for digital platform of major beverage manufacturer, mobile career, electric power, transportation, and so on. Recently, I cope with research and development on Customer Experience incorporating with new technology such as chatbot and smart speaker, and Purchasing Behavior Model in Smartphone era.


Fri, 27th Nov 13:50-14:40

[TB3] What We Should do in Order for Ads to not be Hated


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