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November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Yuya Ishiwata new
Head of Public Relations

Yuya Ishiwata is Head of Public Relations at STRIPE INTERNATIONAL INC., “Lifestyle & Technology” company, providing apparel, hotel, music, café, restaurant and cosmetics to many customers. Yuya has over 10 years' marketing experience in 4 companies, Start-up, Small Sized company and Leading company. Yuya had experienced over 500 marketing projects; Planning, Data analysis, Reporting, Presentation and Execution. He also has been leading a wide range of Public Relations such as Press Release, Media Relations, Advertising, Event Execution, Consumer Relations, Government Relations, Crisis Management and SDGs. Yuya has both B2B career and B2C career, and Marketing and Public Relations are his specialized fields. In 2017, Yuya published a business book about marketing and market research in digital era, and since 2018, he give a talk on his specialized fields on a regular basis.


Wed, 27th Nov

[CK5] Essence of PR and Communication