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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Takeyuki Asanuma New
Lion Corporation

Lion Corporation
Pharmaceutical business department.
Health and home care products division
Asanuma Takeyuki
April 2003
Joined Lion Corporation.Engaged in the development of OTC drugs at the Pharmaceutical
Research Laboratory.
January 2011
I have been in charge of media strategy planning / media buying and digital communication
strategy formulation for OTC drugs and oral care products in the Advertising Department.
January 2018
Assigned to Pharmaceutical business department.
Responsible for product development for Stoppa(Antidiarrheal medicine), Sucrate
(Gastrointestinal medicines) and , Kyusoku Jikan(Foot care)
I`m also in charge of product development for Kyusoku Jikan(Foot care)


Sat, 28th Nov 11:30-12:20

[TB7] Budget between TV and the Internet: Analyzing the New Common Indicators


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