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November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Yuta Miki 2
CyberBuzz, Inc.
Operating officer

Cyber buzz advertising media Division operating officer Co., Ltd. For 1,987 years, I am from Osaka. I proceed to a cyber buzz after cyber agent entering a company in 2010. I take office as a chief of the bureau in 2014 and deal with approximately 80% or more of the planning of the item which I accepted an order of in a cyber buzz. I take office as advertising media Division operating officer in 2016. I am engaged in a large-scale item in cooperation with a periodical joint seminar with LINE and Antenna and general advertising agency. I publish a joint work "word-of-mouth communication design" in 2014.


Wed, 27th Nov

[CK1] Boundary of Going Viral and Flaming