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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Takatsugu Yamashita New
Bace , inc.

The founder of Minimal “Bean to Bar” chocolate. There are currently five shops and one atelier (production workshop) in Tokyo. Bringing innovations to the primitive world of cacao and chocolate manufacturing is what drives him. He frequently visits cacao farms right on the equator to buy high-quality cacao beans (sometimes directly) and to collaborate with farmers to improve cacao quality continuously every year. The brand invented a proprietary manufacturing process to bring the best out of cacao beans and was awarded the highest ‘Gold Awards’ in its category (the very first Japanese brand to achieve this) at the most prestigious international chocolate competition merely three years after its launch. Minimal is also highly regarded for its design excellence and innovations, receiving various awards including the Japan Good Design Award ‘Special Award’ and the WIRED ‘Innovation Award’.


Sat, 28th Nov 13:40-14:30

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