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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Kosuke Minowa New

Born in 1985. Graduated literature from Waseda University.

He joined a publishing company “Futabasha” in 2010 as an editor. He was the editor for “Neo Hills Japan” which sold 30,000 copies.

Thereafter, he worked on Toru Kenjo’s “Only your enthusiasm” and Takafumi Horie’s “Reverse work theory”.

After joining Gentosha in 2015, he launched his publishing company “NewsPicks Books” and became the Editor-in-chief. Works such as “Multi-power” by Takafumi Horie, “The power of notes” by Yuji Maeda and “Japan's revitalization strategy” by Yoichi Ochiai have sold over 2,22 million copies in just 2 and a half years.

He also runs the largest online mastermind group in Japan, “Minowa’s editing classroom”.

In August 2018, he released his book “Anything but death is just a scratch”.


Fri, 27th Nov 13:50-14:40

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