adtech tokyo

October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Masaki Utsunomiya new
Yahoo Japan Corporation
Senior Manager of Content Discovery Service

After working as an editor in a publishing company, Masaki Utsunomiya joined Overture K.K in 2002 where he worked on the launch of paid search advertising and later he was charge of various fields including listing advertising planning, advertising examination and so on. He transferred to Yahoo Japan Corporation because of M&A in 2008. He assumed Senior Manager of Content Discovery Service, Yahoo Japan's recommend widget service in 2014 to develop content marketing business, after working on product planning of listing and display advertising and serving Senior Manager of advertising sales development. He is engaged in various business to support enterprises' digital marketing and promote innovation of digital marketing through the internet.


10/5 11:45-13:15

[F-5] ネイティブアド広告が不要となる時代の定義と境界線を考える