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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Shotaro Kushi 3

Shotaro moved to the US by himself after graduating from junior high school. He founded his first business at 16, right after graduating from high school. After traveling around the US, Shotaro moved back to Japan and worked as a network engineer at an US financial institution and the US military. He joined Dell Inc. at the age 19, became the country-wide top sales person by his 20s, and had a 2 year sabbatical and travelled around different ‘hippie’ communities in 25 countries. Shotaro came back to Dell as the youngest sales division manager. After quitting Dell, Shotaro founded a social venture in Miyazaki prefecture. He moved to Tokyo in 2013 and founded TABI LABO in 2014. TABILABO is one of the most creative media companies in Japan, and will soon be called ‘NEW STANDARD’ after it’s rebranding process.


Sat, 28th Nov 14:45-15:35

[TB9] Management Perspective for Branding and Profit


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