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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Yusuke Sugano New
Tokyo Calendar Inc.

Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Keio University ,then started working in Future Corporation.

As an IT consultant and responsible manager, successfully assisted IT projects of large cooperates such as CVS and GMS.

Appointed CEO of TOKYO CALENDAR in 2015,

based on enriched IT knowledge and experience from WEB Service and EC Business company officer .

Created many popular media content through the use of innovative content-creating skills and digital marketing.

The result has been extremely well-rexceived by numerous fans and upper class(high-end clientele).

Started as one publishing company and expanded its services to become a multi-function entertainment company.


Sat, 28th Nov 14:45-15:35

[TB9] Management Perspective for Branding and Profit


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